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S3DT is a universal orthopedic 3D foot scanner designed for scanning feet, hand, last, synthetic plaster negative molds or foam impression boxes. Using advanced laser technologies, the scanner provides accurate 3D images of the scanned object. This scanner can also provide color 2D images for a more thorough object’s analysis. It is designed for scanning maximal objects having minimal external dimensions. Such a design allows the scanner to be highly mobile and usable in various environments.

It is used by professional orthopedists and shoes designers for: creating modern specialized footwear, foot analysis and selection of the most suitable footwear. S3DT scanner allows the user to scan desirable objects fast and with minimum effort. Thanks to its 9 video cameras and 4 lasers the scanner’s operation is extremely accurate and fast. An exclusive laser triangulation technology makes scanning of objects in ordinary lightning conditions possible and texture (colour) of object.

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