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Accurate 3D and 2D scanning

Accurate to 3D scanning – 0,3 mm; 2D resolution – 200 dpi.

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Hight quality and fast scanning modes

Would you like to get high accuracy data? It`s not a problem with S3DT. High quality data you will get about after 1 minute (depending on the object).

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From now, S3DT can see a texture directly on 3D scan.

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Compatible with all popular CAD/CAM systems

Would you like to work with one of CAD/CAM software? For S3DT it`s not a problem. You can export data to: STL, OBJ, VRML, PCL, PLY.

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Large scanning area

Max scanner scanning area – 400x200x180 mm.

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Scanning objects

Wide selection of scanning objects will help you working systematically with one device – S3DT and you don’t need to buy another.

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Custom design

Would you like to get scanner with your favorite colour? Or maybe you would like to get a scanner with your company logo? It`s not a problem. Just send us your company logo or favorite colour sample and our designer will do the best design for your new S3DT scanner.

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Easy to use

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Turn on the scanner

run software

Run the software

put object

Put the object into the scanner


Click "Scan"

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